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A little about Larry!

This website is dedicated to all the fisherman! 

Born in Bennington, Vermont Larry began fishing the Battenkill River at a very young age, he says he started fishing because he did not have a cell phone or a television, but he did have a lot of energy. 

Everyday after school you could find Larry “The Legend” fishing on the Battenkill River, and every day after work nowadays you can still find Larry “The Legend” fishing on the Battenkill River. 

When you ask this unassuming mild mannered man “Why do they call you the legend?”, his story goes something like this. Between the ages of 8 and 12 years old my nickname was “Otter” because of how many fish I caught, and I think when I was 17 years old I caught 871 trout in one summer. That was probably the year that I earned myself the title. Larry then found himself advising men twice his age on water and fishing conditions from season to season, many of whom became treasured friendships that he still remembers to this day.  The fish are forgotten, except of course for the “really big one,” but the friendships are always remembered!  

You can find "The Legend" at Camping On The Battenkill and is happy to share the knowledge that he has of this famous river with anyone who wants to spend some time with him doing what he loves doing!

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